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About Us

We are passionate about helping Nonprofits succeed!

Our Values

Our Experience

Human Capital Focuss, LLC's buiness goals are achieved by adhering to the following core values:

• Credibility: Only well-established and verified sources of data are used in developing our analyses, and all sources are
 properly cited and referenced.

 • Integrity: We deliver on our promises and do not promise more than we can deliver.

 • Ethics: We do not take short-cuts that violate the law or skirt our obligations to our stakeholders.

 • Accountability: We stand by our services and information, and make business decisions through experience and good  judgment.

 • Innovation: We are creative in delivering value to our various stakeholders. 

 • Responsible Citizenship: We enrich our community in meaningful and measurable ways through our volunteer work and community activism.

We adhere to the Guiding Principles established by the American Evaluation Association and the Code of Conduct established by the Society for Human Resource Management.
Our consultants have a total of more than 40 years of experience in the management and human resources fields, and hold various degrees and certifications including:

  • Doctorate degree in Human Resource Development
  • MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)
  • Certified Professional in Human Resources (IPMA-HR CP)

The following are some of our consultants' publications and presentations:

9/16 - Presenter at the 2016 Annual Conference of the Maryland Nonprofits Association. Presentation titled " Jump Start Your Nonprofit: Build a Strategic Human Capital Plan ."

12/14 – Co-Presenter at the 2014 Human Capital Management for Government conference in Arlington, VA. Session is titled “Using Evidence-Based Practices to Close Executive and MCO Skills Gaps.”

02/11 – Presenter at the 14th Annual Conference of the American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Las Vegas, NV. Presentation titled “Organizational Learning and Career Development: Two sides of the same theory.”

05/10 – The importance of establishing and maintaining social support relationships in the workplace. Conducted for training and development practitioners at Booz Allen, Tyson’s Corner, VA.

2010 – Author of a book chapter titled: “Talent management of knowledge employees: Embracing the non-traditional workforce” published in Talent management in the new economy: Applying existing theory to non-traditional knowledge workers. V. Vaiman (Ed.), New York,
NY: Palgrave Macmillan.

2008 – Author of a book chapter titled “Social capital: Bridging the link between talent management and knowledge management” published in Smart talent management: Building knowledge capital for competitive advantage. V. Vaiman and C. Vance (Eds.), Cheltenham Glouster, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, Ltd.
Our Volunteer Work

Our CEO and consultants have a long history of volunteer work including:

* Board of Directors, Maryland CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates 
   for children in foster care)

* Co-Advisor, NAACP Youth Council
* Former Board of Directors, Columbia Delta Foundation
* Former State Education Chairperson, MD NAACP

Who We Are

I started Human Capital Focus, LLC because I'm passionate about helping nonprofits succeed.
With more than 11 years of volunteer and Executive Board experience, I've seen first hand how some not-for-profits have thrived while others have floundered. A failing nonprofit hurts not only the individuals who work for the organizations, but also the community at large. A struggling nonprofit cannot adequately fulfill its mission - and that hurts all of us.

That's why I and the other Human Capital Focus, LLC Cconsultants are committed to working with senior executives like you to help you improve business results. How? By better aligning the skills and motivation of your staff and volunteers (i.e., human capital) with your strategic goals and objectives. 

Give us a call to find out more about what we do!
Rhonda Jones, EdD - CEO & Managing Member

We are a U.S. based company.